If you want to know how to look after your cut flowers


1 - Clean your vase or container thoroughly before putting flowers in them.

2 - Add flower food to the water and change the water regularly, add a drop of bleach if you do not have any flower food and never have greenery in the water to prevent bacteria building up.

3 - Always cut the stems of your flowers at an angle.

4 - Take of fading blooms and avoid placing next to ripening fruit to prolong the life of your flowers.

5 - Avoid placing flowers in a draught near air conditioning or a radiator and out of direct sunlight.

6 - It’s advisable to remove the stamens from lilies as they open, if you do get stained then remove with cellotape immediately.

7 - Avoid putting daffodils with tulips and to keep tulips upright insert a pin lengthways into the head of the flower.











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